Thursday, June 23, 2011

NYC - Curvy in the Blog-O-Sphere Rocked!

Courtney Williams

I am in love with Courtney Williams founder of Sweet Roll Entertainment for putting together a New and Aspiring Bloggers Workshop, "Curvy in the Blog-O-Sphere". An event absolutely worth traveling 3,000 miles for. Fabulous curvy women with great ideas, talent and lots of humor endeavored to be better in the blog-o-sphere. Courtney lead a fabulous discussion and exercises to sharpen our skills and become more 'well rounded' in subject matter, focusing ourselves and our purpose!
Alicia Goodwin Rockin Lingua Nigra

Selenia Moore

Knickie D!

Nikki "BeDecadent" Buchanan

I was flanked by Alicia Goodwin the designer behind my new favorite jewelry line, Lingua Nigra; Selenia "CT Diva" Moore, Stylist and Blogger of Better than Average a great resource blog offering reviews on Boutiques and products serving Curvy women!; and Knickie D a jounalist, Spoken Word poet and natural born stylist, her smart savvy socio-political take on fashion, relationships and pop culture can be heard on Reverbnation or check out her blog. We were treated to an interview with Nikki Buchanan, independent Fashion Artist of Decadent Industries a colorful line of body conscious leggings tops and dresses as well as body products. We were all happily gifted a sample of Nikki B's amazing Mango shea butter that I have been using ever since. More to come on that interview with Nikki B!

Curvy Bloggers!
Along with the opportunity to interview Nikki B and Courtney herself we spent a lot of time on who we each are as bloggers, who we serve, becoming savvy about platform, hosting, tagging posts, external feeds and subscriber tools. We also focused on some blogger basics like staying current, creating a dialogue, and of course being uniquely yourself! I received so many excellent suggestions and ideas and am grateful to have met so many fabulous women. Thanks again to Courtney and at Linger Lounge in Brooklyn who hosted us.

The event was fantastic and I will probably have to make another trip east for one of Sweet Roll Entertainment's upcoming events by years end!


  1. Sounds like such an empowering, supportive day. btw You ladies look amazing!

  2. Thanks doll, so much fun and very empowering indeed!


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