Thursday, August 11, 2011

Field Trip: La Bomba in Long Beach!

Hello Darling Dolls! Sorry I have been away so long! I've been working hard making the Frida Collection and starting Bridal goodies for y'all! I had to share a recent field trip I had in Long Beach during the much hyped Carmaggedon here in Los Angeles (the weekend closure of a the 405 Freeway that connects the coast line from north of California to LAX airport).

Carmaggedon turned out to be pretty cool for a couple of reasons. Angelenos and Southern Californians stayed home! No crazy traffic neighbors interacting with each other and people operating on a very local scale for a change!

I however took advantage of the much locally hyped  $4 JetBlue "Over the 405" special promotion where there were two round trip flights between Long Beach Airport and Burbank Airport just north of Hollywood. My mom accompanied me on a short day trip to Long Beach for the hell of it! We had a very fab and fancy lunch at Gladstones followed by my mad dash to the famous 4th Street's vintage shopping!

I had heard the stories about La Bomba, but man oh man was I psyched to actually get there! Not only is this store impeccable, well organized, color coded and absolutely inviting in every way, the staff is Super cool, friendly and let's face it quite dashing!


Nothing excited me more than the fact that I actually happened upon La Bomba the one weekend a month that they have The Pile open in the back yard. Literally a small mountain of goodies that you sort through taller than me!

The proprieter requests that you remove your shoes to climb the pile, i was wearing a dress and just ill prepared but next time I will have my climbing gear!

Man oh man did i find some fabulous dresses and fabrics to SweetLeigh ReFashion for the Frida Collection! Stay tuned for fab millinery and accessories from my haul! In the meantime GO TO La Bomba! It is for lack of a better term, the Bomb!