Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Field Trip!: JoyRide in Orange, CA

Darlings!  I was stuck in gawd nowhere, Orange county on the way out to see my father in Sun City. Due to a Metro Link transfer gone horribly wrong, I had TWO hours to kill and decided to go for a walk, and man am I glad I did! I have found the most wonderful place!

JoyRide! A fantastic men's vintage shop styled to the max and full of amazing and gorgeous duds for amazingly stylish boys and bois alike!

Everywhere you look around the shop you will find stunning vignettes, pristine merch, and absolutely fabulous finds! JoyRide is two shops down from mama store Eslewhere Vintage! Also stunning and perfect for women's vintage lovers! I found a new pair of glasses I will be rocking asap at Elsewhere.

I scored a pair of World War II spats and wait til you see what I'm gonna do with them dolls! 

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