Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashion Hats and How to Wear Them!

Nothing is New. As my one of my favorite blogs puts it. Everything old makes a grand return, once someone remembers how fabulous it truly was. The Fashion hats that I speak of are the Cocktail Hat and the Fascinator. 


cocktail hat is a small, extravagant hat for a woman. An alternative to a large-brimmed hat, and often easier to wear for indoors events and more evening oriented. These hats are often decorated with luxurious fabrics, beads, feathers, jewels and sometimes a veil. 

A fascinator is a similarly decorative hairpiece worn on the side of the head that may be secured by a clip, comb or headband. Hair accessories like cocktail hats, fascinators have never really gone away. 


Fashion hats are not just for royal weddings anymore. We saw them all over the runways for Autumn/Winter 2011 and Spring 2012.

They can be worn with your hair up or down adding further opportunity to flatter your face. Placement is up to you and depends upon the hair style and the hat!  Experiment to see what looks best on you.  These pieces can be worn at the hairline, or closer to the back of your head. One rule of thumb is if it looks good it works. Fashion hats accessories pack a big punch and are meant to be worn at an angle to flatter the face of all shapes.
Going out for cocktails in jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket and your sequins beret style cocktail hat is tres chic! Date night with that new LBD you found won't compete with your golden fascinator.


The Girly Girl
She is a romantic and a Girl's Girl! She loves feminine details, soft shapes. She doesn't need to be showy, but fun and feminine. Her beauty is the thing. A lovely face framing number with pretty trim that brings attention to her sweet face will do the trick!

Mimi Cocktail Hat

The Bombshell 
She is glamour puss! The Diva! A confident woman not afraid to be the center of attention using her womanly charms. She radiates style, charm and confidence and isn't afraid to show it. A showpiece is right for her!

Lola Cocktail Hat

The Laid Back Girl 
Her style is relaxed, easy & approachable, her motto is simple style and comfort and doesn't take herself or her clothes too seriously. Not into doing too much accessorizing a hat is a great style marker for the girl everyone loves!

The Alternative Girl
She is fearless in her style and in her fashion. She can rock her  tattoos, piercings, retro, gothic, lolita, retro lifestyle for any and every occassion! A self stylist she will make any piece she loves work!

Bardo Lingerie Lace Cocktail Hat

The Costumer
This girl loves the theatrical! She loves historical fashion enjoys authenticity and appreciates standing out in the crowd! She will not hesitate to find a realistic headdress for her Cleopatra or a fabulous Fascinator for her burlesque class. She revels in the fantasy becoming reality!

Sequins Floral Tiara Fascinator

Which SweetLeigh Hat Girl Are You?
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Vanessa Leigh