Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Bold Burlesque!

The Ladies of Brown Girls Burlesque

The lovely Miss Dakota!
This year for me is about body positivity and as always, living my most glamorous life! So, I spent January 2012 celebrating the womanly art of Burlesque. I took a 4 week beginner's course with the Miss Dakota's Burlesque Academy taught by professional dancer Miss Dakota here in Los Angeles. And boy was it fun! What body image issues? Miss Dakota had us laughing while we strutted our individual stuff and found our own style in the fabulous basic moves she taught us. The first week we worked with boas, the second week she introduced gloves, the third week focused on some choreography and the final week we got to work with fans! I am definitely a fan girl. 

I also attended Victory Variety Hour the longest running burlesque show in L.A. VVH celebrated founder and Super Star Penny Star Jr.'s birthday and special guest Margaret Cho performed a FANtastic burlesque number too. You can check out some of the highlights here! If you are in town, VVH is a MUST SEE! 

While watching the fabulous vaudevillian comedy and striptease numbers at Victory Variety Hour I was once again amazed at how CRAZY creative and hilarious of a craft burlesque really is. Humor, costuming, choreography, story, Burlesque has it all! My creativity was sparking all over the place! I can't wait to get some inspired new goodies for you at SweetLeigh

Burlesque has not only become a fun stylish spectator sport but I would love to end my year of Body Positive journeying with a performance of my own!  Women of every ethnicity, sexuality, gender, shape and size are part of this empowering tribute to sensuality, fun and fantasy! 

Coming Soon, the women of Vintage Burlesque! For now, a very brief introduction to some of the fabulous modern women of the artform I have been inspired by:

New Orleans treasure, Perle Noire by Leland Bobbe

SF Legend Alotta Boutte, Founder of Harlem Shake Burlesque

Dirty Martini in "Coco A Gogo" editorial in V Magazine 2010

The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins photo:Mollie Montana

Brown Girls Burlesque, NYC. 

Vanessa Leigh