Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Intentions

Come New Year's Day, who doesn't think, New Year, New Me!? I do. Who has made dozens of resolutions and not been able to make it work! I have. But then when it comes down to it, Is it really a new you that you seek or a more fully realized you. I'm finding that that little shift in perspective is motivating me big time! 

As of late I have heard from many different folks online and in life, that resolutions are for the birds. I think it's all about semantics.

The word resolution is a bit of a stressor for me personally, bringing "will power", gym memberships and magazine shaming to mind. My lack of success in acquiring all or any of my resolutions has been indeed not making a plan, not creating a support system and/or going it alone in the journey. 

This year I am setting my intentions for my year, including you and my friends in them and making my plans to see them through. It will be the first year I have made a plan to see my intentions through. "I intend" feels pretty powerful and in making my intentions I am finding that I am already much more thoughtful as to how this year's goals will fit into my life goals and what I will need to do daily to make them happen.

One Intention I have for 2012 encapsulates both the personal and the professional: to celebrate Body Positivity. Which is about feeling good in the body you have. An important aspect in self love and acceptance, and ultimately in celebrating ourselves!

The Plan on doing that professionally is to launch SweetLeigh ecofriendly clothing in the shop this year, available but not limited to "plus" sizes. The plan personally is to be more  mindful, caring and loving towards my own body whose size and shape has changed a lot in the last year. And finally to strengthen my body so that I can physically do anything and everything I want to do. Being Body Positive is the plan for 2012.

Dancers doing the Lindy Hop

There are more intentions I have for the New Year, but that one is a pretty big plan to tackle. 

What are your intentions for 2012? Do tell! 



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