Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Savage Beauty

I am utterly inspired by victorian botanical drawings. Many a modern artist, and/or scientist dedicated themselves to classifying all of the species of people, beings and plants in nature. This study of the world, in particular natural world through drawings are inspired. 

The images they produce are painstaking, determined and a most beautiful interpretation. Very much like the late great Alexander McQueen's work. Having traveled to New York City this summer and not made it to the exhibit Savage Beauty, I am that much more obsessed by the man, his work and this fascinating exhibit. To study the world and interpret it is to revel in it. Of course here are images from Savage Beauty from the Metropolitan Museum of Art blog as well as some gorgeous drawings from an era that inspires Mr. McQueen and myself. 

Mary Delany (1700-1788) was an artist and writer during the Victorian period. Between the age of 72 and 82 she created over 1000 detailed botanical illustrations constructed from cut paper.
       Video Tour of Savage Beauty by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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