Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sew in Love!

Darlings, September is National Sewing Month! Whether it is indie fashion, or fashion House Couture it's sewn and that is reason enough to celebrate National Sewing Month.

As you may know my brand SweetLeigh is committed to sustainability. My shop items are made from revitalized gently worn garments, vintage finds and dead stock fabrics. I believe that sustainability in style and design is made that much easier when sewing. 

To celebrate National Sewing Month I found some inspiring ecofriendly and sustainable designers who make chic beautiful clothing from gently used clothing and/or non traditional materials. Surprisingly wearable, fabulous and unexpected.

Linda Loudermilk

All of the above designers, use recycled materials, sustainable plant based fabrics like soy. Recycling or ReVitalizing your wardrobe is a great place to begin sewing.

I love re-imagining my existing wardrobe. Regularly you will find me editing dresses, changing a skirt length, stripping dated details or making my wide leg pant into a cigarette style. As you start practicing re-imagining YOUR wardrobe you may find you have much more to wear.

One of my favorite resources and sites for sewing is BurdaStyle. Burda is an international maker of patterns, but the BurdaStyle website is a community of sewers. On the site you will find patterns, contests and projects to participate in. People ranging from beginner to expert with their own fashion lines explore, post their latest creations and give feedback to others. 

Check them out, and maybe I will see you there!


  1. Wow! That is amazing! Love sewing :) xx great post! Xx

  2. Thank you lovely Olya! Sewing is my passion and the unknown passion of so many fashion lovers and style Hearts, really. Thanks for the super sweet comment too! xo V

  3. Love it! I just came across the Burdastyle website and was going to send it to you, but I should have known you were already onto it =)

    btw, That jean dress is awesome

  4. hey lovely! glad you could check out the post. I love BurdaStyle! And I love the concept of recycling/creating what you want. Glad you found them too! xoxoxoxo V

  5. Stunning...designers, post and blog!!

  6. Thanks lovely MLindvall, I so appreciate that and love your Etsy shopt too! xo V


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